PCs may spend their Social Link Points and Battle Points in improve their characters and persona. Five SLP may be used to increase one trait by one point.

BP are more complex. One BP may be spent to increase one stat by one point, increasing in price by one every five points (ex. Stat points 1-5 cost 1 BP each, stat points 6-10 cost 2 BP and so on). Five BP may be spent to learn one skill, up to a maximum of eight. Once a persona has eight skills, one must be replaced in order to learn a new one. Exclusive skills cost 10 BP and only one may be known by a persona at any a time.

Major Note — HP MODs begin to depreciate as persona stats increase. Refer to the following table.

Starting MOD After 20 Points After 40 Points
X5 X3 X1
X4.5 X3 X1
X4 X2.5 X1
X3.5 X2.5 X1
X3 X2 X1
X2.5 X2 X1
X2 X1.5 X1


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