Status Ailments

Status Effect Duration
Tarukaja Target’s strength & Persistence is increased by 50% 3 Turns
Tarunda Target’s strength & Persistence is reduced by 50% 3 Turns
Makakaja Target’s magic is increased by 50% 3 Turns
Makunda Target’s magic is decreased by 50% 3 Turns
Rakukaja Target’s endurance is increased by 50% 3 Turns
Rakunda Target’s endurance is decreased by 50% 3 Turns
Sukukaja Target’s agility is increased by 50% 3 Turns
Sukunda Target’s agility is decreased by 50% 3 Turns
Tetrakarn Reflects one physical attack. Until Exhausted
Makarakarn Reflects one magical attack. Until Exhausted
Tetraja Nullifies one dark or light skill. Until Exhausted
Resist Status Requires an additional success for a status effect to take hold of a target. Cannot be dispelled with Dekaja. 3 Turns
Refreshed Double the amount of cards drawn at the end of a turn. Cannot be dispelled by Dekunda. 3 Turns

(note: Enhancements of the same type do NOT stack. Enhancements with opposite effects cancel each other out, i.e. tarunda cancels out tarukaja, and vice versa, etc.)

“Bad Status” Effects
Status Effect
Poison Subject takes 10% of max hp as damage at the beginning of each turn; stops at 5%
Charm GM draws a card. 1-5:Forfeit turn. 6-9:Attack ally with lowest value card. 10-14:Heal enemy or forfeit turn if unable to cast or use curative items.
Panic Subject cannot draw cards. Enemies lose their turns if their card is reversed.
Confusion Subject attacks a random ally with their lowest card
Rage Subject’s strength is increased by half and endurance is decreased by half. Character attacks a random enemy with their lowest card.
Fear GM draws a card. 1-3: Act as normal 4-11:Forfeit turn. 12-14:GM draws a card. Subject flees for that many rounds. Enemies flee permanently (Boss monsters cannot flee).
Exhaustion Low:Subject forfeits it’s turn. High:Subject acts as normal
Distress Subject draws no card when dodging or defending
Status Weakness An extra card is drawn if a status effect fails on its first draw. If the next card is a success, the status effect takes hold. Cannot be dispelled by Dekunda or Dekaja.
Down1 Character is knocked down and exposed to attacks that may cause dizziness.
Dizzy1 Character loses a turn while knocked down.

When a target is inflicted with a bad status, the effect will normally last two turns. Some targets, however, may be resistant or weak to certain status effects. In this case, status effects last 3 turns if a target is weak to the particular status effect, and only 1 if the target is resistant. In addition, status effects of the same type stack up to 5 times on one target (ie. using “Marin Karin” sucessfully on an enemy twice in the same round means that the target is charmed for 4 rounds).

A player or enemy can only be subject to ONE status ailment at a time. If a different status effect is inflicted on an enemy already suffering from one status effect, the new status effect replaces the old one.

1 Both “Down” and “Dizzy” are special status effects with their own duration that CANNOT BE STACKED like other status effects. “Down” ends at the subject’s next turn, unless the subject becomes dizzy while knocked down. In this case, the subject loses a turn, then recovers from both down and dizzy on its next turn.

Skills that cause a status effect have a certain percentage to inflict them; 25%, 50%, or 75%.
To resolve whether or not a status effect takes effect based on the skills given percentage:

25%: GM draws a card. If reversed, the effect fails, if upright, GM draws 1 more card. If upright, the status takes effect, if not, the effect fails.

50%: GM draws a card. If reversed, the effect fails, if upright, the status takes effect.

75%: GM draws a card. If upright, the status takes effect, if not, GM draws 1 more card. If upright, the status takes effect, if not, the effect fails.

Most beneficial statuses such as enhancement and resists automatically succeed when used, unless the target refuses them for some reason.

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Status Ailments

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